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Dark room with text Unknown Range Where fear is inside you

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Help me collect money for a new computer to resume production of the game.
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Try your survival skills and endurance, and be the pioneer of the new world, by donating:

? Bring this idea into reality

? Get rewards for helping

? Create your weapons and add to this game

? Design Easter eggs and objects you want in the game

? Receive all prototype versions before game release

? Get high-quality information and wallpapers

The world has changed, an unknown virus had spread over the globe which turned many people into bloodthirsty creatures, commonly known as zombies. Soon unmaintained nuclear generators blew up, leading to massive environmental destruction. Stronger, mutated creatures more adapted to this conditions began to roam across the contaminated wastelands. But few survived in nuclear shelters. After years they left vaults with ideas how to restore the old world, but quickly they turned against each other, dividing into warring camps. You were one of them. Time is running out - will you bring civilization back or will you squander the last chance for humanity?

Modes in Unknown Range

House Defense Mode


?Small map where you defend your area

?Buy weapons, upgrade them, survive longer

Sandbox/Free Mode


?Explore a big world of destruction

?Find weapons and items and customize them

Story Mode

?SinglePlayer only

?Discover huge, changing world

?Buy and find stuff, weapons are different with a progress


Buy some great stuff and show the world you are one of the first people supporting this great project

? Get great game-related items

? Help with production costs

? Promote the game wearing dark clothes

? It can be a wonderful souvenir for you or someone you care

IPhone Case


Hanes Tagless Tee


Gildan 8oz Heavy Blend Hoodie


Teespring Tote Bag


Teespring Mug



Feel free to contact me with any queries and problems. I'm always happy to talk to others and help them. There are many ways you can get in touch with me.

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